does anyone have a 2tb hdd that i can have? please answer
I dont have any money to get one.

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Robert, I appreciate you are only 15 but some of your messages of late are more akin to a 10 year old. Please cease and decist with the juvenile nonsense...

............. ok happygeek ill cease this
Id rather Kill thepiratebay and extratorrent than ask for a Hard Drive

why why do I get kicked out of Malwaretips I only moved to this website because of those bunch of idiots on malwaretips

I'm beginning to understand why Malwaretips got fed up with you.

Your new account of RobertRAM is already going down the same route as the RobertHDD one.

I repeat, please cease and desist.

You are more than welcome to be part of the community and contribute, but do so within the rules and within the spirit of the DaniWeb community. Posting for the sake of it is not within that spirit. Please engage brain before pressing submit. Simple as.

Sigh, didn't take long for that new account to be banned.

Making threats of getting your friends to take down DaniWeb is another sign of your immaturity.

Ok happygeek im not an idiot anymore I have learnt my lesson mate all i want to do is help people have their computers fixed thats my dream job in IT im currently going into YEAR 10 in about 3 months. so for that ill stop being a idiot and ill continue my job to help people. Ok

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