How rewarding would career in information technology be if you enjoy fiddling around with computer software and hardware, troubleshooting and fixing them? Any good and bad experiences anybody from within the field on here care to relate?

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Thanks for that nice question..

Iam a geek at heart, i will love troubleshooting and manually removing infections itself and patching resources. Iam now well known in my area and with other circles of friends and they all say to solve their problems of computers.
Well currently iam studying N+ and confused what should i do in this IT !!?

Due to my sensitive behaviour i have experienced lot of negative stuff in my life..its realy hard to describe others about internal feelings. What we think and other think about us as different and we have to live life in just little hope.

Ok thanks for your time..

I started off as a media arts major, (graphic, web design, etc.) but got sick of pestering IT to help me fix things, so instead I started pestering them to teach me how to fix things :). 5 years later, I love what I do, and wouldn't give it up for anything. Where I work? Well, I love them to, but you have to take the good with the bad and just try to find an environment that matches you, because that can make all the difference.

Originally I started as a hobbyist with computers. Fixing, building, dabbling in various areas of the field. I found that I loved the concept of creating the networks and watching things work with each other. As a career I feel that it's with any field that you love. I still like computers and find it really rewarding when I find a user that is appreciative of the help that we provide, but at the same time it's rather saddening when there is a user that is just demanding with no sense of appreciation at all. All in all it depends on where you begin and stay at your career. Personally regardless of the negative experiences I've had I would not change my current situation. (Maybe get paid more)

Thanks for the question!

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