I just was operated on the left knee (second time in little over a month).

anyone got a left knee they're not using anymore to spare ? :-P

Oh wow ;( Sorry mine's pretty bad as well, was leg day yesterday!
Whats wrong with it, did you injure it? If I were you i'd implement a replace method ... =) get better sooner!

heh, fell while cycling.
one meniscus removed, the other "repaired", two small fractures on the bone leading up to my knee, and the first band on my knee was torn, so it needed some "repair".
painful enough.

I had a torn meniscus done more than 10 years ago. They trimmed the tear to prevent the tendon from locking up when I bent my knee. It worked for a few years but it is now locking up occasionally again.

well ... the meniscus was just the begin of the story (the next operation was the painful one).
according to the doctors, I should regain about 95% capabilities of my knee, just hoping for it.

Fingers, if not legs, crossed for you ;)

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I had good knees until I had a scooter accident about 8 years ago and they've been weak ever since. They usually give in every 12 months or so and it's back to limping around with knees the size of foot a ball.

I'd take anyother joint pain over knee pain any day.

Hope the Op's work!

Wish you the best.

95% is a decent target. Hope you get there.

I'm only 19 and had my fifth surgery done concerning my feet and legs two weeks ago. Back in middle school I had two surgeries done on each leg and foot to correct my extremely flat feet. I had metal wedges put in to support my ankles because my feet were caving in on themselves and I had another implant put in each foot to support them. I had my both of my Achille tendons stretched to help and was on crutchesfactically three years straight.. all of middle school. Ever since then I have been known has crutchy This last surgery was to take out out one of my implants taken out in my right foot because something happened and it was causing crippling pain to my foot.