I am just bored... and curious... and i have not made a thread here in a long time.
What languages can you guys speak?

Atm, for me:

  1. English
  2. Farsi (simplified and mixed version of dari)
  3. Dari (basically same as farsi, but more formal and traditional, if you speak dari, you speak farsi. This is my dad's main language)
  4. Spanish (forced to take it at school)
  5. Arabic (read quran in this language, so it is a must for me to know)
  6. Pashtu (my mom's main language)

And as a bonus:
7. Urdu (my mom taught me enough to hold a conversation for about 5-10min...)
8. Havanese/Maltese (I have a weird way of communicating with my dogs... its literally grunting noises and other dog like sounds...)

And no, it is not a shocker to speak as many languages as i do if your parents come from a country that has to know 2 plus languages (not counting arabic). :P

So, now you know what i speak, what about you guys?

I speak quite a few languages too:

1) Quebecois (canadian french, grew up speaking it)

2) English (the main language I use today, did all my studies and relevant work in English, so, I'm fluent without much of a detectable accent (people who heard me speak English only have assumed I was either (English-)Canadian or American)

3) Swedish (my father's native language and the first language I learned, due to an early childhood in Sweden)

4) French (standard "France" french, basically the same as Quebecois but with a very different accent (or more formal), and different word and expression choices)

5) German (learned it by living in Germany for about a year, and I can get around in German and watch German movies without subtitles and things like that, but conversations I can hold are limited)

6) Spanish (learned it in school, and I can basically get around in spanish)

And a few more "bonus":

7) Finnish (lived in Finland for a year, learned it at university there (mandatory for foreign students), but I have very limited capabilities because it's a really hard language to learn)

8) Danish (if you stick a potato in my mouth and ask me to speak Swedish, then I'll basically be speaking Danish... and when I've been drunk enough, I've been able to converse with drunk Danish folks, with limited coherence ;) )

Farsi, Pashtu, Urdu

These languages must be pretty close because I've met several people who speak all three (or Farsi/Pashtu or Pashtu/Urdu).

Yes, farsi, pashtu, and Dari are similar. Urdu is a bit different but at the same time not a language that is hard to pick up. Depending on where you are from in pakistan, there is dialect (I am an afghan born in a dari/farsi, arabic, and pashtu speaking home in California with parents that come from the capital of Afghanistan). So for me to speak urdu, it's a bit different compared to those who speak it and are from pakistan. If you hear me speak it, it's pretty thick and I speak it way to fast, almost to a point where you have no idea what I am saying.

Also, a fun fact, the alphabet is so similar for all middle east languages (they all are originating from arabic). Those who are dari, arabic, or pashtu speakers pick up on other languages better than most in the mid east because of the fact that they stuck with the traditional versions of each language rather than a new and simplified version such as farsi.

My dad on the other hand knows all the languages that I know fluently, but he also knows german. My mom is like my dad except she also knows hindi, italian, german, and a little but of Dutch. I don't want to get started with my cousins... they move into different countries so often that they pick up their language within the first month or so...

I'm uncultured. Born and raised in New York and I speak English.

You didn't have to take a foreign language class during middle school/high school? Wow, your so lucky... i hate taking spanish because of the teachers i have. They talk about their personal life history too much, we have too many substitute teachers, don't prepare us for tests, don't tell us about assignments, complain about other classes, and about complain her job... I am in an AP Spanish class, I think its a joke at this point... and I have no idea how the AP test will go because I have gotten a 5 on every AP test I have ever taken (I got a 5 on: Stats, Euro, Music Theory, Art History, and Physics. The current AP classes I am taking a test for are: Calculus, Spanish, Biology, Psychology, and US History (i dropped an AP course and another regular class so that I can play a sport)).

I took Spanish in middle/high school. I was pretty good at it. I was able to comprehend a decent amount, compose essays in Spanish to express my thoughts, etc. Fast forward twenty years, and there's very little of it that I remember.

I speak English and Cockney. Nobody needs anything else. Fact. :)

  1. Norwegian: My main language
  2. Swedish: Very similar to Norwegian, so most norwegians understand it. My mother is also Swedish, so I have grown up with it.
  3. Danish: Don't really speak danish, but understand it. The Norwegian written language (bokmaal) is derived from the Danish language, as we had to print books in Denmark a long time ago.
  4. German: I took classes in this a long time ago, so I can understand more than I speak.
  5. Spanish: Also tried to take some classes in this, but didn't finish, so "no habla espanol" anymore.
  6. French: Had enough classes to actually understand this, but due to no practice this language have been lost too...
  7. English: This is my second language. And even though I still live in norway, it is my main writing language, due to being a programmer, a student of computer science, and a linux/windows/network sys admin.

But to be honest I'm only fluid in Norwegian and English (and C++ and Java).

Chinese and English
I studied some Chinese,French and Spanish in High School and College

Australian, its ~85% English, My wife translates for me in Canada
Get attaboys for trying in French in New Brunswick, when they stop laughing

I am an Indian.
My mother tongue is Bengali. But I can speak and understand several Indian languages, like Hindi, Telegu, Marathi, Oria. In middle of my school life I learned Sanskrit. One of the ancient language in world. Every indian languages are derived from Sanskrit. Now for my job I use Bengali, Hindi and English fluently.

My mother tongue is French, I studied English and German at school, but I hardly can speak German. May be one day I'll learn Italian: one of my friends used to cite verses of Dante Alighieri, and it's unbelievably beautiful to hear. Of course, it's very old.

@mike_2000_17 Quebecois looks great from french ears. I think it reminds us of our history and the Ancien RĂ©gime. Our french ancestors may have had an accent between modern French and Quebecois.

Wow... 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 languages? i find that remarkable. Your heads are going to explode.

I speak, read, and write English and Spanish fluently/natively. Actually both languages are mixed in the same box in my head so its like one language. I dont think about the words before they come out of my mouth. Being in south florida, we have a lot of spanish speakers and we tend to mix both languages, especially when we are excited or yelling. I'm happy that I can coverse with a whole lot of people on this planet so I'm good with that.

Latvian is my main language.
Russian perfectly.
Little English, little German.

Jorge, I'm headed down to Miami tomorrow. Are you around this weekend?

aww.. will be gone up to the next three weekends... will be around central florida attending high school dance competitions.

Aww. I'll be heading down there tomorrow and coming back up to New York on Monday. Will you be around for dinner Thursday evening? I actually have plans to spend Thursday with our graphic designer and his family (the dude who designed Fred!!), who very coincidentally will be vacationing in Miami at the exact same time.

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Wow... 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 languages? i find that remarkable. Your heads are going to explode.

Its not that hard learning several languages if your parents force you to learn all the languages so that you can communicate with your family members outside of the household living in other countries :P Plus it looks cool.

I actually have plans to spend Thursday with our graphic designer and his family (the dude who designed Fred!!), who very coincidentally will be vacationing in Miami at the exact same time.

That's cool! JorgeM is missing out :P

Englisch und Deutsch, etwas Schweizer Dialekt.

Kashmiri,english,urdu.i can speak read write these languages.
Arabic i can understand and speak a little bit need some practice
Persian i can undersand.
Our origin is persian but since long many generations are in kashmiri India.

I can speak about a hundred languages. unfortunately, nobody seems to understand what I'm saying when I do :p

on a bit more serious note:


are the ones I speak best (not every language as well as the other, since what are the odds you use them all on a regular basis?)

Sadly I only speak English. I, however, hope to learn Latin which I know very very little of because from the Latin songs I sing for choir I am in

English, a bit of Japanese, and fluent profanity.

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English, trying to learn French well (really well), a bit of spanish, and a bit of Japanese (mainly because there was this Daniwebber that was into rock climbing, anime, Japanese and c so I took a semester learning japanese.)