I've been given a six-pages report to make, and the task is:

**Imagine you're a computer engineer who is working on data processing, software development of gaming and user’s application, which requires computer with high-end processing power.

Which processors (i7 OR FX-8350) is going to be of your choice for your computer system?

Give the comparison (INCLUDING architecture comparison) of the two CPUs, all the advantages and disadvantages of the processors.**

Hope someone could shed a light on this choice matter, and at least give me a share of opinions with reasons (suggestively in a listed form) of which processor & why would it be your choice.

Please and thanks in advance!

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Sorry, but we don't do your homework for you! Do the research and write up your paper and we may help with some pointers, but YOU have to do the work!

My personal thoughts on this subject...
The i7 completely destroys the FX-8350 in terms of raw performance. For the applications you mentioned in your original post, the i7 is the obvious choice. However, the i7 does not come cheap, at least $100 more than the FX-8350, if not more. I don't mean to say that the FX-8350 is a terrible performer though, as it performs admirably for the cost. However, for the type of usage you described, it's well worth the extra money buying the i7.

As rubberman quite rightly said though, don't just expect us to do the work for you. Google is there for a very good reason.

Depends which i7 it is.

i7 3rd generation is the best cpu as compared to AMD's FX 8350.The technology wise i7 is best but it is costlier and if you want value for money then go with FX 8350. Both the cpu's are monster please see the benchmarking of this in google .

Assuming that you mean the latest public models (as an engineer would buy today) i7 4770K wins against FX8350. However I am not an anti-AMD guy or pro-intel (I like amd more), I just want to shed some light on the facts and from there you can continue your research. **(Scroll a bit down in this page and see the differences: http://cpuboss.com/cpus/Intel-Core-i7-4770K-vs-AMD-FX-8350). Now, FX 8350 is great for overclocking even with a stock fan. But only select models of the i series (K models) can be overclocked. i7 has an integrated GPU whereas FX 8350 doesn't. So, if the software engineer would buy a quadro gpu or firepro gpu, then of course he should not pay for the integrated gpu. So, i7 4770K can be a bit of money wastage. But, i7 however consumes lesser power (lithiograhy = 22nm) and is open to a larger memory bandwidth** (I don't mean FX doesn't support 32GB or stuff like that. It's just that intel motherboards support larger memory when compared to amd motherboards at the same price). But again, intel is costlier than AMD (due to that "intel inside" trust).

You can think this way: i7 4770K is like $100 watch and AMD FX 8350 is like a $65 watch. Both of them show the same time. Both of them support replacement of battery (overclocking). But, the $100 watch can show a digital clock too (integrated GPU in 4770K), whereas the $65 watch needs a separate addition of an internal component to do that (no integrated GPU in FX8350) {FX 8350 will also process graphics but wont do it as good as 4770K}. The $100 watch only supports costly batteries which run for about 1 year, but the $65 watch supports almost every battery availible in the market (more amount of overclocking in FX8350). But the $100 watch comes with an anti shock guarentee and protection with some extra payment whereas the 65$ doesn't (intel's overclocking protection). The $100 watch requires batteries of lesser voltage whereas the 65$ watch needs about twice the voltage (Lesser power consumtion in intel's processor). But most importantly, the $100 watch costs $100 and the $65 watch costs $65.

So, it depends on what the engineer wants. Small investment or large investment. But, if he is really wealthy, I'd say go with an i7 4770K. Rather if he is too wealthy, I'd suggest him to go with i7 3930k.

What about the 4770k?

rightly said by nmakes. Intel will rule if there is no competition from AMD.

4770K Beats the FX8350 in all things except overclocking. AMD is master of overclocking.
Did you hear about the FX 9000 series?
FX 9370 and FX 9590?
They are expected to arrive for public at Q4 2013. But The FX 9590 has a 5GHz Turbo Clock! But shocking price of just under $1000. Whereas FX 9370 goes upto 4.7 GHz turbo, but at the half of the price. But the TDP is somewhere like 250 Watt. (TOOO much power wastage; haswell is like 84W TDP)
But, intel's not far behind. Intel's Haswell Extreme (Haswell-E) series is going to come Q1 2014. It will have a 6 core and an 8 core variant. I think the price might reach $1200 but it will beat the FX9xxx in all ways. Just think, intel will break the "octa core public processor" tag of AMD.

i will Prefer FX 8350 over i7 because it is cheap and high performance Processor with 8 cores and will buy a good cpu cooler to boost its performance . The intel i7 is better than FX 8350 but it is too costly. As Value for Money AMD otherwise i7

I Would Go for the AMD FX-8350 because it has more power for gaming and im a gamer i currently have the AMD FX-4100 and its awesome i can run GTA-4 Smooth but i also have 32Gb of Corsair Vengance RAM(random Access Memory) but if u like running a Server i would go with the best i7 because its more of a Server processer but i like AMD alot more because of the gaming performance.

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