Well i know its an online file storage web service but i wanted to know specifically hwo do you use it? Let's say i have web application where people upload a lot of files and later on edit and store those file on the server. Ideally i would save files on the server where the website is hosted so the users can access the files normally but it is scalable only to an extent. I find S3 a really cool solution but i really dont understand how do you store file in their after my user uploads the files via my web app and how can they access those files from S3 for download. Sorry if this sounds like a dumb question but i really dont have any idea how to start using S3 and their panel looks so vague. Thats the reason why i popped the question here.

Thanks in advance! :)

To further expand on the above resource link, S3 is effectively object storage which is accessed using normal HTTP requests (instead of a normal filesystem like you might be used to). It can be used by your application to store files/data and then direct users to specially formatted URLs on the S3 service to access those files. The link above should provide sufficient info on how to utilise the API. Note: S3 should not be confused with a CDN, which is a different principle! You will often use a CDN in combination with S3 to makes things really fun :)

I don’t think there would be a better service than S3 provides. It is specially designed archiving of data and for online storage, it is fast and easy to handle stuff especially if you are related to web designing field, it make web-scale computing simpler for developers. It has some really great features, let me begin by saying that it not only provides storage, back up but web site hosting facility as well. I am a big advocate of S3. It is ideal for data computation, great with content delivery network, provide various storage features. With W3 Total Cache I found it extremely easy to move images on to pull server. If you are still wondering if you should get this

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