I honestly think that the python programming language will take over other languages such as c# and maybe even c++. Why do I say this? Because a python interpreter can easily be embedded in the game. I have also written an engine to make python as fast as C++ (true story). It is also much easier to learn and write.

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Python might do well as an embeded embeded language, but it's not fast enough for real time aspects of most serious games. You could write the game with Python as the main language and write the things that need to be fast in C/C++. That's how "fast" Python game libraries work.

Python isn't necessarily better then other embeded languages either. You could also do the same task with Lua, Scheme, Perl, Tcl, Javascript, Forth, etc. Most of these will probably be faster then Python (unless you use a jit compiler like pypy) in terms of the operations that you might expect from a game.

commented: It actually can be, if you embed a python script to integrate the code into a binary on the RAM +0

That's the buety of python! That it can run things like kivy! Also there is no freaking way that Javascript can do the same tasks as python.

Also there is no freaking way that Javascript can do the same tasks as python.

Why not? Take a look at QML for example (which can use Javascript). It's fairly popular, and used for games.

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I know they use python in blender's game engine but the inner mechanics would all be native like c++.

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