Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, and OneDrive are all available to try for free (with limited storage). So far I have used Dropbox and OneDrieve and like Dropbox since it handles better on the PC and my iPad. OneDrive is improving and I have used iCloud on my iPad mostly for pictures, there is a PC app available, so you can access your pictures and whatever else you put on it

What is your experience?

For starters, here is the free storage as of now:
Dropbox 2 GB
One Drive 15 GB
Google Drive 15 GB
iCloud 5 GB

If there was an online storage option that would store my files encrypted (including file names) where the encryption key was stored only on my computer then I would likely use it. I realize that I can use truecrypt to create a container which I could then use on DropBox, but that requires re-uploading an entire container for even minor changes. A while back I looked at SpiiderOak which was promising just that in the near future. Perhaps it's time for another look.

"A while back I looked at SpiderOak which was promising just that in the near future. Perhaps it's time for another look."

I recall that discussion from about a year ago:

I have been using SpiderOak and it seems to work fine. Automatically synchs my files whenever a change is made.

Box ( is also nice. I got the free 50 GB for life and am very happy with it. It is very fast and easy to organize files.

OneDrive I reallt like that cloud storage

I store all my code samples on DropBox, this way it's synchronized between my desktop and my two notebooks.

Using too many different clouds can be a pain, since they take time synchronizing at startup.

I installed pyzo from on OneDrive and it seems to work well as a portable scientific python implementation.

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I like SugarSync. It's not free - I think I paid $40 for a year's service. BUT what it does allow you that most others dont is to sync folders outside the dedicated folder (like dropbox folder or google drive folder) on your computer. I find this invaluable for keeping a synced version of the current version of my web projects. I don't have to FTP, SVN, git or anything else. I tried symlinking folders to Dropbox for example and although it achieved the initial upload - it didn't sync thereafter. So sugarsync is perfect for me. It all depends on your needs though. I always felt a little uncomfortable about placing everything inside a dropbox folder - or in my particular case sending files to a dropbox folder, only to find that the version in the cloud wasn't the most up-to-date one as I'd forgotten to send it to local dropbox folder after each save.

I store all my code samples on DropBox

For code I use GitHub, BitBucket and Visual Studio Online. At least you get some decent versioning then.

Has anyone tried this good software out its called ROHOS You put your usb and configure it restart take out usb when the password type thing comes up put usb in and it automatically signs into windows