any one help me how i get more likes for my facebook page .any one thanks

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post interesting and sassy content which can compel user to like it. Participate in the community, share others content/post too. Take a part in the discussion at different communities and mention your page there.

sure but i have used these methods...but result is nothing

Yes on sharing the attractive content, images or some useful things for which people are forced to hit the like button is the way to increase the fans. Or you can share your page in some other community, feeds, discussion, or in someone's profile so that people hit to like button. You can also add the facebook fanpage widget or badge in other popular blogs, sites or even in your website so that the people can hit like button directly from there. But I donot know if these likes increase ranking in Google or not.

interlink you all social media profiles to drive traffic from one another.

social media is power now a days for get more likes!

there are three way to increase facebook likes
First: go for paid marketing (facebook ads)
secound: or use some spammy tool to grow your likes
third: be active and share some great content to attract users.

all three are ways to grow facebook likes but it depends upon you whihc method do you use.

nice sharing but buying ads is more costly ............

I have read and heard a LOT of advice about growing a following on Facebook that is for the most part, the same, and quite useless, if you ask the common newbie. I did a test on one of my fanpages about "Like-gating," that is the thing where a person has to like your page before they can see its content. I went to a large community I'm a member of in the handmade world and I asked them about it, and they hated it. Said that they would by-pass pages with those "gates," so I axed it. Be careful what you do, don't do anything illegal or crooked (how are people going to trust you if you're not legit?) Learn how to build community! I have people who follow me everywhere I go, they have become friends, they love what I do and we have a pleasant interaction, they have also beocme my customers. Go for that! Be friendly, be useful, treat people like you would like to be treated. Behave as if you had a regualr store and your customers were coming in, how would you try to make them feel so that they would love you and what you have to offer them? Aim for a goal. What would you do so that their experience with you is so pleasant that they would send their friends to your store? Some of my customers have done that, and that is something everyone in business should cultivate to the hilt! When you do all that, your page will grow all by itself, mine is growing. I wish you well.

Be aware that Facebook is rolling out NEW CHANGES! Old techniques are being adjusted by savvy marketers to be able to adapt to the New FB! HubSpot has some information about the changes and how to take good advantage of the changes being slowly rolled out. But don't stay in the rot of old methods, because they will not work as well as they used to! Check out Social Media Examiner as well. Wish you well.

By the way, so that you will understand what I'm taling about, the changes include Lookalike Audiences: A New Way to Reach Potential Customers; and changes to the Newsfeed. Create a strategy on how to use those if that would help your page or pages.

Try to make your facebook page more attractive, there are few companies offering wonderful fb cover image designs, get it from them. More attractive page ll get more likes..

get more like to join fanslave and get 20 like per day

Promotion of your FaceBook page is like other methods of web site promotion which you do link building, content distribution etc. Any link building method can also be helpful for FaceBook page promotion. I suggest you to try SEOClerks!

I have question for those proposing the use of Fanslave and SEOClerks (just out of curiosity,) all of my fans have been gained from what I post, people who like it out of their own volition, none of them have been purchased. And I understand that Facebook was looking into "fake" followers and has threatened to delete those. Now, if a person "buys" followers and Facebook later on deletes those from your page, what good it to to use services like Fanslave and SEOClerks? Or is it that they put you in touch with real people who would be interested in what your page offers, like a digital mailing list of sorts? I'm curious.

share your page on facebook, twitter, google+, join forums, groups @ socail sites, make it viral with the help of social media marketing to get real and effective likes

Hi, First suggest to your friends & ask them to suggest their friends.Also make more admins so that they can suggest to their friends. In this way you can do viral marketing. Also, get the professional custom logo designs. The custom logo designs speaks more about your business & make you to get more fans with the professional eye catching designs.

u create new post day by day.and shere your page on your friends frofile.

Promote your page in you niche related groups, pages to increase page likes and followers.

post interesting stories & join popular groups.........

post interesting and sassy content which can compel user to like it. Participate in the community, share others content/post too. Take a part in the discussion at different communities and mention your page there.

sure but i have used these methods...but result is nothing

well, this is easier said than done. because something is interesting to you, and looks sassy from your point of vue, that doesn't automatically mean that the rest of the world agrees with that.

focus on your target group, and make your page/site what they are looking for, and what they expect your site to be.

if you talk about anything IT-related, don't make your site the slowest on the web.
are you creating a page about online gaming? don't have a background image of a kitten.
update your content daily, no better way to drive away (repeating) visitors then never changing the contents (why surf to a site they know by heart?)
give your users the possibility to send remarks about the layout/functionality, and improve where you can.
have your page pop up in the first google results

there are tons of things you can do to improve your visitor count, just a reminder of some basic ones:

  • make your page visual appealing
  • use lots of html/css, instead of images which take longer to load
  • have decent content, which you update as soon as you get the chance
  • keep an open communication with the visitors possible
  • know your target group, and work towards their expectations.

create much social signal with fresh content ,and keep on interact with groups and community ,then you will reach ,more no of fans

Create unique and fresh content on Facebook. And share your posts with your friends.

Add friends, like pages of your domain, you can also create your own group and a fan page to attract the visitor.It will surely help you. Dont expect an instant result. it will take some time.

Here are some steps you can follow:

Create a Facebook fan page

Click "Suggest to Friends"

If you're a fan of other Facebook pages, add your comments and links on their status updates as often as reasonable

Use contests for people who become your fans

Place your Facebook link on other social media networks

Add the "Facebook Like" tools to your website or blog

Keep your page worth visiting

Become part of an external social media networking community

Hire a community manager

Never miss an opportunity to promote your Facebook page for free

Buy advertising

Keep learning and stay genuinely interested in your fans

commented: Awesome +10

@arupweb, nice list!

Hire a community manager

I don't think anyone would need this... unless they have like 100k likes...

i was also want to know how to get more likes is this true "get more like to join fanslave and get 20 like per day" maybe i can try this.... thanks

Everything will finally depend on your page content. Your friends wont like it if they dont like it. Even on sites like traffup, they show a big picture of your page with description and all.... so, your page should be attractive to be liked.

Work on your page and then go all guns blazing. Good luck :)

In simple term for getting more likes you should post beautiful images with informative content using tagging your friend in sharing in different group and pages. Another technique is you can use online social media tool examle: like4like, add mefast, like-ex etc.

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