I have to create a space for file storage in my company.The administrator and the director of finantial department can access in any time and any where(the clients of company don't need to access to this space ,it is for file exchange between company's departments).I have read many articles about FTP servers and others about private cloud solution.But I didn't get the difference betwen both of them,they are built for file stockage and what's the best solution in my case thanks for help

FTP is useful if you don't want to trust your data to the cloud, but bear in mind that raw FTP is inherently insecure. There are secure FTP versions available. FTP is part of the basic TCP/IP protocol stack.

Most cloud storage solutions have decent security and encryption these days, and they are convenient - all you need is an internet connection to use. Part of the issue is how much storage space will you need, and what is the biggest file you will be storing.


You could set them up with something like GoogleDocs and they have a good interface but you always take a chance with data stored out on the cloud. You would be better off and safer if you were to create a small server at the office. You could set it running either Windows or Linux and create a windows shared space, and then map it from each of their computers to look like another drive to them and that only their users could access. You are going to find that neither the administrator or the Finical officer want to learn about how to use FTP to move files back and forth or to keep up with who made the last changes. With a shared server the file would get locked when the first user opened it and the second user would get a notice saying that someone already had it open and they could only have read access and not write. If you are on a tight budget the consider it would cost less for a single server than paying monthly for their access over the long run. And you could install Linux on a really simple system (look into Raspberry Pi https://www.raspberrypi.org/ ) if you want to see how small and simple it could be. Linux has an application called SAMBA which allows you to set up a protected directory of the server and make available as a Windows shared drive. Hope this helps.

Recent web based file transferring solutions are getting more popular. Additionally, you have a choice of using a cloud-based file sharing solution or a private-cloud solution.

Using cloud-based solution is a two step problem. First, you have to upload the file(s) to the cloud and then the actual recipient will download it from the cloud. There are several solutional in this category, such as Box, DropBox, Google Drive, etc.

Private-cloud solution are a bit better in terms of features but require a bit more work on your part. The benefit of using a private-cloud solution is that it is a one-step process - meaning the actual recipient will download/upload file(s) from your server. Additionally, there are no privacy issue. Example of a private-cloud file sharing solution is SynaMan.

FTP is a more secure way of storing data on servers. Both, private-cloud and FTP requires internet. An Example of a private-cloud software is Syncrify and FTP is SynaMan.

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