I wish that you are all fine, My name is Ahmed Bahr From Egypt. Im 21 years old and in 2016 ill become a senior at Business Information Systems- Helwan University. So.. I have a little problem in my graduation project that my doctor decided to join an international competition for middle east students from EMC2 Inc. in my faculty all past graduates used to have an idea to execute it in 3 ways : web developing&designing, online/offline system or mobile application. In that competition we must make our projects according to 7 criteria in IT to choose from : (cloud computing-storage-Big Data-converged infrastructure-content management-security-data protection) so what can i do ? what to choose according to my bachelor degree in B.I.S ??? and in your opinion. what's the greatest ways to have new ideas ?? Really, ill be glad to see your reply ..
i appreciate it so much...
Thank you for your time
Ahmed Bahr

Please do not double-post your questions. See my response on your other one and then delete this post.