I heard on National Public Radio that New Tech City is launching a project for people who'd like to cut down on all their smartphone time. In particular, the thinking behind the project is that by always turning to smartphones, whether for texting or games, people no longer allow themselves to be "bored" and that in turn may be destroying their creative time.

It's called "Bored and Brilliant," with over 10,000 people already signed up - and it starts next week.


People have to sign up for this? Amazing! In my reality, if I want to cut down on something I just fucking do it. A few years ago, Richard Jeni (a brilliant comic whom we lost all too early) had a bit on a new diet plan. It was called Stop Eating You Fat B@stard. I do not understand why people need special help to stop or cut down on doing something that they think they are doing too much of.