Can any one tell me what are the new features to boost Ecommerce sales

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Can any one tell me what are the new features to boost Ecommerce sales


You been posting a few questions about Ecommerces. My question is do you have everything set-up yet? To boost the Ecommerce sales is by marketing on Twitter or facebook or some other social media platform or newsletters or email blast.

SMS marketing / Social network (fanpage + Twitter) and maillisting.

TO boost you ecommecre sales- do following -

  • Adverstie on GOogle or facebook or twitter or microsoft or other ad networks with tagertted users (you can use all ad networks Google would be best)
  • Create Facebook , GOogle, Twitter pages and reagularly update about prudcyats and offers as well as get more likes and followes.
  • Use Tumblr, redit and other to boost your seo and thus sales
  • Do email marketing as well as sms marketing to get user.
  • Use Google analytics to see behavioutrs of your buyer and then make changes accordingly to let user engage in your site.
  • Most important thing is do a quite research on your competitor and try to defeat them.

i recomend you to do some seo work and try to get links form high page ranks also post them on social media.

For ecommerce websites social media is the best platform to drive instant traffic..Apart from Social media Classifieds also helps to get business..

Hello everyone,
You want to boost ecommerce sales you have to promote your business on the social media websites you will get more responses and leads through that.

You can submit the link on the Google local listing.

First do some seo work and then start promoting on social networking sites, and also newsletters, press release, blog commenting, article posting are very important for an E-commerce site

Social media is the best strategy to promote ecommerce sales.

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