There is talk about a new web browser codenamed Spartan replacing Internet Explorer in the next version of Windows 10
Thomas Nigro a Microsoft Student Partner former developer of the modern version VLC mentioned on twitter earlier on this month he heard that Microsoft was building a new web browser that will fit suitably like google chrome and firefox.

Will this browser be vulnerable to attacks just like Internet Explorer?

Well heres this:
Microsoft will still use the Chakra JavaScript Engine and microsofts (not Webkit)
Well i think this will be the next generation of web browsers for 7 8 and Windows 10 if they are going to support it.

Yeah I read about this on Mashable earlier today.

Just changing the name doesn't make it better. There is a saying that goes "just because everything is different doesn't mean anything has changed."

It May be better who know? i could get better or worse

it sorry not i from other comment