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I recently took SAT and thought this might be interesting. Any interesting stories, score and where you took will do nicely

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We don't have those in Canada. FYI we also don't have GREs.

Yeah, I have been gone for a while and I had taken my SAT. It was a pretty tricky test, not hard... just very tricky. I scored 2380 out of 2400 (I originally thought i had scored 2385, but it turned out that my counselor does not proof read her written work...).

I, believe it or not, was not the highest scoring student in my school. One student in my school got a 2400... and the kid sits right in front of me in half of my classes.

I took the test in a classroom, it was pretty comfortable... until the A/C system had to go through "repairs" and it was just a boiling mess at that point, and to make things worse, I had football practice and I was sick that day... it was a miserable day that paid off :)

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I hated it because I had to write the essay right off the bat and I had worked really late the night before not getting home until 2 that very morning.

That reminds me, I did pull off an all-nighter that test day XD... My sleep pattern was out of wack for that week.

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Probably not the best choice we could have made.

According to some studies, i need to find some samples of it, people test better when they are sick... I guess that is why I did pretty well on the test.

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I don't how the is..I get terribly aggravated when I'm sick.

Well, i guess when you are sick, you ignore everything around you and I guess that lets you focus.

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True.. I do ignore people when I'm sick

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