I am facing a big problem now with MSN Space and I hope that you can help me!
My Space used to work fine in both Firefox and IE.
However, yesterday, after I played around with the Powertoy: Custom HTML, something really weird happened.
In Firefox, everything works fine.
But for IE, I cannot preview my entries and neither can my friends.

You may not know what do I mean.
Here's a preview of it:

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Please help!
Your help and advice would be very much appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!
I know that there are smart people around here!!!!!!!!
So, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Umm....there's a better place for this ccwai...

Let's fine this better place :)


Until we find that better place (I'm not sure if this is better in the Webmaster forum, or what), what type of tools did you use?

The thing is, it's probably not some easy fix. I'll bet your tool is using some non-standard HTML/Javascript/AJAX stuff that doesn't work in either browser. You could try posting the source code to your page-- that might get the attention of someone who can help :)