Looking at my site statistics, I see that the trend is that visitors from the MSN search engine stay on the site twice as long as the average visitor from Google or Yahoo. Additionally, they are about 3X as likely to register.

Therefore, it seems like my site really likes the MSN demographic. However, my problem is that very very few visitors come in through MSN. How can I optimize my site for this engine?

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MSN - The portal for beginners... means longer visits as these people typically have a harder time negotiating a site - but it means that these individuals are generally more trusting and eager to become involved...

B-Submit (An MSN SEO tool) can teach you a few things about SEO practices... but the real magic happens on the MSN search engine as they want to impress their customers.

I believe you should NEVER SUBMIT... unless you create a seperate site (doorway page) for use with this service.

For $30 you can't go wrong and done correctly, the extra volume of MSN visitors should impress you.


However, my problem is that very very few visitors come in through MSN. How can I optimize my site for this engine?

1. Pick high volume keywords
2. Buy text links. MSN likes sitewides, IMO.
3. Ask your friend avi, since he has many super competitive keywords sitting on top of MSN organic SERPS.

I have notice that to. Many people say that Msn brings less but better quality traffic.

It seems like we're all in the same predicament, doesn't it? I'm lucky to be graced by a couple hundred MSN visitors daily - compared to the tens of thousands that Google brings me via organic search.

MSN seems to also like anchor text a great deal on links. MSN does not bring me as traffic as Google or Yahoo, but the quality is also better for my sites.

Hello There,

My name is Darren and I am a moderator for a google group primarily about SEO called Search Engine Optimization Promotion SEO. It is a new group with only 265 active members and I must admit that I have had a great time reading your various posts. This is a well moderated group and I applaud your efforts.

Now on to the MSN.

Actually your statistics are very correct. Simply enough since the algorithm of MSN's search characteristics make it refresh constantly and index almost immediately for new sites. This means that people that are looking forexactly what you are offering,easier to find than on other engines. In a nutshell, MSN is easy to optimize for and because of that more actual demographic matches can be found on msn. At least more than on the other engines that use silly concepts such as page rank and age factors.

In my business's I have found that my traffic from MSN is very effective and they are a very targeted market where as with google and yahoo, the traffic might find my sites but they don't stay long.

Horrah MSN.


as less number of peoples use msn . your traffic to site will be always less than traffic you are earning from google or yahoo . in my case msn gives 4% of my site traffic and google gives 18 percent

CSGal, have you tried MSNadcenter? I only bid 5 cents for listings and I seem to always be in the first ad slot.

If you want to get organic MSN results, you need to optimize your <title> to include phrases that people are looking for. MSN likes that even more than google does. It seems like you've already done as much as you can with the title, however.

I have decided to stop focusing as much SEO attention on web sites for Google and Yahoo criteria. I find myself putting more and more of my searching time in MSN. It gives me better web sites.

I have been in SEO for a number of years and have closely watched search engines come and go. I have a very strong feeling that Google and Yahoo's days are numbered.

MSN seems to rank the entire web site much more critically than the other two. Google ranks pages more so than the web sites. If a site has a page that ranks high on Google, it is hardly ever from the best qualified site. I like the best site to have the best ranking for a keyphrase search then I don't have to go back to the SERPs again to find another aspect of my search, I'm already in a relevant site. I clicked the back button to return to Google SERPs so much I don't even have to look at the monitor anymore when doing so. My mouse automatically hovering over it.

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