One thing i'm starting to realize is the irrelevance of school. Why must we know biology!!! half of it is bs anyways and in a few years scientists will consider that we "were" stupid for that period of time we believe that. WHY MUST WE GO TO SCHOOL!!!

I'm not saying we shouldn't go to school, i'm just saying, if a person has an idea of what they want to do, they should start seriously studying it. If a person wants to go to technology, start studying engineering, and software development, and etc.

If a doctor, take the biology, chemistry, and etc.


You remind me a lot of myself when I was your age, that's the why I'm replying.

Why must we go to school? Spend time with biology? There's a million reasons. One of the reasons why you take classes such as earth science, physics, biology, and chemistry is to train your brain to think logically, and scientifically. When you're this age, your brain is STILL NOT USED TO thinking this way. In no way shape or form, do they even try to make you a biologist... believe me.... high school biology is NOTHING like real biology used in all the biological fields. It's just the icing - the very basics - so you get a feel for what it is. If you think a year is too much... take the time to consider how BIG the field is. Do you think someone becomes a doctor by studying for a year? Two? Doctors never stop. They must always be up to date with the latest treatments, etc.

You say that if a person who knows what they want to do, should start studying it. I agree with you. But how can you start if you don't know what else is there? You don't know your options. That's like me saying I tried ASP, and I really liked it, and I then ignore all the other languages just because I "THINK" I like ASP. Yes, they should start studying it... in college.

All this is in an educational sense. We must also not forget the way an early to middle-adolescent thinks vs a late-adol to early adult thinks. The thought process is very different in the maturity level. In HS you don't worry about paying bills, paying for an appartment, getting married, and other issues like that. This is another teaching process in itself.

Don't get me wrong, I felt the same way when I was your age. I would say to myself, "I know what I want to do. I want to do art and music. Why on earth should I take calc, physics, and all these classes if it has nothing to do with what I want to do! It's a bunch of BS! Why must I get changed in Gym?!" =) And now look, I took a computer course, I liked it, and now I've found a carreer where I can integrate music + art + programming all into one -> web development.

Personally, and don't take this the wrong way, I'm glad I don't think like that anymore. Just think of it this way, people that have gone through what you're going right now have been able to create all the high tech stuff that's around you. We owe it to these "stupid" classes.

It's like eating vegetables. It's good for you, but it doesn't mean you have to like them.

Seriously when I was 15 years old I was working for a Full Year Full Time and going to school all my friends remember that nightmare me complaining and complaining over and over day by day. I hated that shit sleeping for 2-4 hours a day. Waking up and not know if it was time for work and school excuse me on this but shitting blood for months.

Dude too many things too many things are fucked I even wrote a book of things that piss me off. Bro all my friends were 25+ years old. At 17 I dated someone who was 25 that's how fucked up my head was I hated Teenagers and I still do. I cant stand people 18 years old in person. I just cant bear the im-mature things they say and do.

All my friends are around 20 and above. Personally I feel sorry for you. I hated every minute of High School when I left I just felt sorry for most people. I fited in fine but I hated everything about it. Shareing a Book with Tagging and shareing it with 3 people and not be able to take home a dirty book pissed me off. In a class 90 Degree's in heat no fans no air conditioning. Your probadly in a "White" school. I grew up in shit. Complete fucken shit.

Los Angeles School District is now rated "the worst school district in the nation"

I can bearly spell I know what I spell wrong just sometimes cant fix it. It sad to say but you hate school so did I but I had a bonus as well. Fearing Mexicans and Blacks when you have gang members going to your school you think different. And dont even say you have gang members at your school these are street Cryps, Blood's 18th street not cool to even go to school. My school even had a shooting after school some gangsters starting shooting at some other gangsters. It sucks where I am and I'm just glad I'm out take what I said think about it then shoot it out of your fucken head.


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Hmm... incissor, the thought process evolves in classes that are irrelevant... very interesting. Personally, i don't see how your thoughts progress when you're SLEEPING!!! Jeez... some classes snore you to death and just kill you!! Personally, because i pretty much know what i'm good at and what i'm not (good at computers, business, arguing, aka lawyer), but not good at medicine, sports (OBVIOUSLY!), languages (i might be versed in russian and english, but i don't like/good at learning new ones, cept 4 comp languages, THANKS FOR THE REFERENCE MANUALS!!).
That's why next year i am dropping chem honors!! jeez... ya crazy!, i'm going to norm chem wit all da idiots (no offense).

Mad_dog... hmm, i dunno if i should laugh at you or feel sorry for ya. I got cryps and stuff here in ny, but ny, not where i live. I live in da suburbs, the cryps and crap are in da "big" city.

I'm not saying school is bad, i'm saying we shouldn't go very deep into it (not sure how they do it on the normal classes, but in my bio honors class, 5 minutes into the lecture, my teacher says, "we're finished with what you need to know for the regents" (regents = our state finals, kinda like da fcats in florida). WHY MUST WE KNOW HOW A DAMN IMPULSE TRAVELS THROUGH A DAMN AXON!! WHY!!

Incissor, how old are you?

That's ok. You don't have to agree with me. Just keep in mind that when you get older, you thoughts about life change. I'm 21 right now. I'm telling you this because I felt the same way you did when I was your age. Exactly the same. Why the hell did I have to know Avogadro's Number? Why did I have to calculate the number of moles in a substance? I could care less. And to tell you the truth, I still don't give a damn. But I still have a feeling of satisfaction that I survived through all that stuff and now I'm smarter. In the real world, when you go for a job interview, you have to know a little bit of everything else besides what you're going into. If you just know about your field, and are a dud about everything else, I'm sorry, then some other know-it-all-pencil-pushing geek will take your job.

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ALPHA QUOTES: I got cryps and stuff here in ny, but ny, not where i live. I live in da suburbs, the cryps and crap are in da "big" city.

Ok man I don't know if you know but Los Angeles is the second biggest city in the US. New City is the biggest city and it's state is small as shit.

Now even better to you Los Angeles the way it's growing is going to above the amount of people in New York City.

Los Angeles and New Orlanes are one of the most junkest cities. Big Cities you say man we are not that far behind you infact we are coming right up.

I'm just saying, why learn something that i will never remember. I know a lot about computers, engineering, physics, and etc., none of which will be relevant for a really long time!

Right now i take:
Social Studies
Math Honors
Bio Honors
(*as well as others which i decided to take because i think i could benefit, this being computers course and drawing course, also, i hate drawing!)

English - you should take it, but screw the poetry crap! It's snorezilla.

Social Studies - an important class to take, even if you won't study history in the future, very important to know to make sure that you don't make the same mistakes again, and to know the most likely outcomes of your mistakes.

Math - VERY important for a computer programmer, that's why i'm sticking with honors, a bit harder, but better for me

Bio - I HATE THIS COURSE!! my teacher hates me (literally, called em gay and stupid a few times, hehe, he deserves it). This is why i'm not going to go to chem honors next year!! I don't think it's worth spending the huge amount of times studying for these stupid honors tests, especially when i don't remember anything after the test! I could spend my time on other, more important things.

Spanish - I completely dispise this course! It's irrelevant and brings down my average WAY 2 much. I'm already very well versed in english (quiete obvious), as well as fairly versed in russian. THERE'S MY TWO LANGUAGES! But stupid New york doesn't have a regents for russian, so i have to spend a couple of thousand hours over a four year period to learn spanish!

Self picked courses - in my school, we have a fairly good deal of courses i would like to take, but won't have the time because of some of the more irrelevant classes. I would prefer to COMPLETELY pick all my courses, drop a few, take more businesses classes.

In my 11th grade, i will only have to go to school for 4 (in 10th, i finish my spanish, science, and math courses) periods. In my 12th grade, only for 3 periods (in 11th, i finish my english course)! Now that's nice, but since i want to learn, i will be taking courses such as calculus, physics, and some business and computer courses.

Know... if school would be 100% optional, i would still be taking such courses as calculus and physics, because i think it will be useful for me in the future. Specially da quantum physics part, hehe, newton, einstein, hawking, and all those famous physicians are very intruiging.

Also... don't take me wrong, i like to learn (strangefully enough), but i don't want school to start shoving it down my throat!

God damn, I love reading your posts. Even though I always disagree with you 200%, I still read it like it was the National Enquirer. Keep it up man, you're the greatest.

I goto AlpHA's school, and I 100% agree! Although, unlike MAD_DOG's school, we goto a "National Blue Ribon Honor School" and former first lady, Mz. Clinton, gave it to our school like in 94. In my grade (freshman) there are 2 computer classes that are available. "Using Computers 1" and "Using Computers 2". I took some bullshit test, and skipped UC1. I started UC2 this 2 wks ago with alpha (who sits next to me), and you guys can't believe what we're doing. Our first project is out of Microsoft Word. Hmm... I wonder what I missed in UC1... maybe.. how to push to power button, and then how to log in to the computer (nahhh.. to advanced).

hahaha well man you got to think about it. It's High School not college High School the junkest cheapest shit you will ever go to. I mean I bet 13 years old's in that class with you guys doing the same thing right lol


Tek... our middle school got blue ribbon, not da high school. It's like the third worst in nassau county (read that somewhere in da papers a few years ago). LOOK AT THE TEACHERS WE HAVE, YOU THINK IT'S BLUE RIBBON!!

Incissor... thanks, i try not to, but what can ya say, i got that in me, FUK DA WORLD I SAY

It should be ruled by me!

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Why must we know biology!!! half of it is bs anyways and in a few years scientists will consider that we "were" stupid for that period of time we believe that.

I agree!!!!

Alot of things people are not AT ALL INTERESTED IN and thats why they do so poorly in said subjects.....

They should sit the students down and ask them what they are interested in and go from there (Only have them in classes they are interested in)

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I've always thought something like this should be implemented but a test should be manditory to get accepted. A test judging rational thought and personal dicision making skills after grade 10 to allow you to persue your interests rather than mess with the other stuff...

Agreed fully. One should not be required to take further courses that they have no interest in (to a point).

That's the very reason I'm leaning against a college that has core classes.

Wow there is a lot of profanity in this thread. =/

Do you not get options?

Here when you are about 14 you get to chooose what you want to study (but you have to do maths, english, sciences)

Then when you are 16 you can leave school and work or else go to college and study whatever you want.

I think its better that way.

I think one of the main reasons is that you CANNOT ULTIMATELY know what you want to do, and thus you must expose yourself to as many subjects as possible.

The point of a "core curriculum" is to create intellectually well-rounded people. Obviously, everyone would rather study something they're interested in than something they aren't. However, that would create a society of people with nearly complete disjoint sets of knowledge, which would make information sharing much less effective than it currently is (which isn't much, already...)

The why we go to school is easy, I think we go so we wouldn't have a dumb society (not that its not dumb for picking president bush) I don't think most people would go to school if they had a choice. The other part is money I don't know how but money is always the reason for everything. Maybe its to make us work and pay taxes, IDK
Any my problem with school is that I suck at school, I don't get good grades and its too late for me to fix it (almost the end of second semester) plus I'm a junior so the way I see it, its too late to get help. Well of to community college for me.
I don't think school sux either I just hate and loath it because I suck academically, anyway the main point of my earthly life is to get wealthy enough to just chill.
I wonder if there is a school in the after life, that would be more interesting

Why study XXXXX?

Computing does not exist in a vacuum - we write programs to fill some need - a need related to biology, physics, chemistry, social sciences, weather, and so on. You need to have some knowledge of the domains in which you will support..

You will live and work in a global economy - you need to have an understanding of the world around you, and to be able to communicate - thus your social studies and English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and other languages are beneficial.

Most people who are truly successful don't get there because they are just expert in one narrow field - they have a broad knowledge and experience base which allows them to see the connections between their specialty and the rest of the world.

there are experiments with schools where kids are allowed to pick what they want to learn and learn only that.
The result is almost universal: the kids learn nothing whatsoever.
Girls spend all day discussing the latest trendy clothes and makeup, how to become Paris Hilton.
Boys spend all day gawking at the girls in skimpy clothes in summer and in winter (when the girls wear less revealing clothes) talking about which car or brand of sneakers is "kewl".

End result: glassy-eyed supermarket cashiers who can't even add up.

End result: glassy-eyed supermarket cashiers who can't even add up.

LOL: Not where I work -- we have to pass a first grade level math test before we can be hired as a cashier :)

Yes, I remember hearing about those experimental schools -- they didn't last long.

LOL: Not where I work -- we have to pass a first grade level math test before we can be hired as a cashier :)

sent mi zuh dumps asap plz!!!

If you just want to stick part B to a widget on an assembly line, I agree that you could do that for the rest of your life without much education. The problem is that sooner or later all the simple stuff will be automated. Your simple job is gone and they are looking for folks with a skill in automation, and it will not be you they are looking for.

Do your homework. There are children in China and India starving for your future job.

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^Haha so true. There is a Brit writer who often writes for an Indian magazine, he once wrote in an issue

When I was young my parents used to tell me "Eat your vegetables, there are children in India starving at this time" now I tell my kids "Do your homework or else children in India will end up with your job."

I don't totally agree with you. lets put knowolge aside companies can't waste time testing each employee's abilities when hiring , lets be logical , there must be at least a proof of your knowolage that you posses it and master it ? or that is you don't want to work ?

and I don't know weather you are at "School" refering to School where you have to study 12 years , or is it you are refering to it in general (High Education Studies) ,if you mean the first then let me say , put it this way, biology and chimisty some may suck but later on you will understand .. inorder to develop and help technology and Scince, to go further, and develop, and achieve something signefficant you need to Combine, even with little knowlodge you have .. about them .. but sperating scinces is no way to devolop or work right (in most cases).

and school DOESN'T SUCK, school is nice , I miss the good days .. when we had to have all subjects and all (that is the first Definition )

but listen , if you say this thing is bad it will be a bad experiance , and if you convince yourself it is GOOD , you will love it and enjoy it no matter how bad or awful it is . so try to convince yourself and enjoy ,,

and I'm sorry for any spelling mistakes or grammer :D

wishing you the best

Well,yes there are millions of reasons why we should study Biology and other subjects. However my reason for hating school is that a few,no,not a few, MANY teachers do not know how to teach yet they claim to be teachers. I have this Math teacher and all he does is tell us to flip to this page, and then he starts talking non-stop.When he actually stops talking,it means the lesson is over or we have to do work. His voice is so monotonous and his lessons are lifeless! Can't he just crack some jokes to keep us awake? Almost the whole class is asleep! And then I under perform in maths all thanks to this guy! I'm not anti-education...And there are camps and all which might make school interesting. But what if I hate camps and do not want to go? THEY DON'T EVEN LET US HAVE A CHOICE! I'm just the kind of guy who wants to stay at home with my family! BUT THEY DRAG ME OUT FOR A POINTLESS CAMP WITH THOSE F***ING TEACHERS! I HATE SCHOOL!:@ :@ :@

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