My school uses very old pentium 4 based pc's that run as slow as a turtle, and i am tired of it. i want to know how to over clock it without messing up the hardware, or getting caught. the specs i know of are:

256 or 512mb ram
40 or 80 gig hard drive
3Ghz p4 cpu (probably w/ stock cooling)
win. xp pro
novell client software
dvd rom drive

Is there a way to overclock without using the internet, because my teacher can see what website i am on w/ special software.:@

Thanks for those who can help!!

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A 3GHz P4 will run fairly hot as it is, so you'd want to monitor temps if you're overclocking. To monitor temps in windoze you need the right software, and installing this kinda gives the game away.

You might be able to give it a bit of a FSB pump in the BIOS, but you can't monitor load temperatures (or stability for that matter) from the BIOS, so that's not really a good idea.

Best way to give this machine more performance would be to slip in another stick of RAM, but that's easily detectable by your teacher.

Just buy a kick @rse laptop ;)


i have a high performance laptop, but i'm not allowed to bring it to school. The bios of that pc wouldn't let me overclock, so i guess i'm out of luck. it has ddr sdram, which is too expensive to add to a school pc, that isn't mine!! i guess i'll have to live with it until the school gets an upgrade!!


3gig p4 512 ram should be good enough to do work at school anyway !

it's more of a showoff thing!! anything can get you through school work

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