Does google chrome breaks the large form (example in my case length 30000kb) before submission ? because when i analyse the network with network protocol analyser , IE doesnt break the large form , and submitts the whole form as one reqeust . but google chorme break into 2 chunks and submits , and i get error because of this .

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WTH are you trying to submit a 30MB http request in one bit? Multipart mime requests have been with us for over a decade.

Yes i tried adding multipart mime in header . did not work !!!. but anyways , this problem only in google chrome and works fine in IE and firefox.
i used a fiddler tool during form submission from chrome , and fiddler manipulates something and send the request to server, and submission is succesful.
now i am trying analyse network packets from wireshark , i found i get "encrypted alert" message . and also the large data is split into 2 chunks . while in submission from IE there is split !!

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