As we know every industry have its website and they want to expand their business throughout world through internet. For that they need their website on the top in major search engines like Google, Yahoo. For getting website on top in major search engines they hire SEO experts. For that a SEO have to do many task one task is PPC. PPC is the fastest way to get high traffic on website on particular keyword but for that we have to pay lots of amount to search engine owner. In my opinion PPC is better where we don't have so much of time to wait and we have that much of amount other wise there are many other ways like link building, press release submission etc. These all are techniques which are used by SEO experts but these techniques take some time to produce results. If you have more knowledge about it please reply....

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I think that a good search engine marketing campaign encompasses on-page SEO (having clean html code that proper utilizes page titles, h1 tags, etc), off-page SEO (having a constant stream of new backlinks, getting blogs to link to you, viral marketing), and PPC (buying clicks to your front door pages of your site and your high converting pages).

The pages of your site that are content rich and get the free traffic from Google SERPS aren't necessarily going to be the best converting pages of your site (so that's when you use PPC). That being said, DON'T underestimate the power of backlinks and link building and press releases and viral marketing and getting buzz going around your site ... It gives you a name in the industry, gets people coming back, and can get you traffic from the SERPS at pennies on the dollar of what you'd be spending with PPC alone.

Great info.I think we should read as many forums on internet marketing as much as we can so that we will get clear idea about internet marketing.

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