I am thinking of making an invite only site, but I am not sure how really,

Im making a community for professionals, mature people in gaming and ICT, and in retail, industry, computing, and interested mature and intelligent people. it has forums, and galleries, and also games and files storage and downloads etc.

I also am developing the site alot, with a site coming soon, and things like that, and I am advertsising possibly of Google AdWords soon, and also with Edge Magazine and a few others from Future Publishing.

Considering this forum has many professionals and mature people on it, many people may be intereted in looking at my site. If you could register or look around my site, at http://forum.ivirtuaforums.com that would be great. I am tying to build a good site, any feedback is appreciated, remember your profile if you do decide to register :)

--Sam England
Age 15 :p

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The first 500 or so members, maybe less will be non-invite, thereafter, only friends of friends of friends etc etc can join by referrals! If you are interested, please do join, reallyworks, and make a profile :) Any suggestions and feedback appreciated!

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