i am an computer science student from 3rd year i am interested in networking,hacking and in programming little less knowledge,
what should i follow or study to have an bright career .
you plz suggest me some information so that i cold compet in this modern world.
thanking you

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Good question...am a final year in the same field. I have come to notice that it depends mostly which region of the world you from or plan to work. Am studying in Asia,but from Africa.Now in my home country programming is not highly ranked so its mostly networking,security,internet computing...etc Don't if am on the wrong track but so I have been engaging in web designs and networking thats where i think am going to end up.lot less interesting compared to programming i know but hey,got to make the paper right?!

Well, there's a lot of job for computer science graduate. If you like networking and hacking, you can be a security expert or network expert. Just follow your passion. :D

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