Today I wanted to post an example , I realized that I didn't had buttons to insert code or to define code lines. I had to read and then make several attempts to insert code. One thing that it would be done in few milliseconds if I had a btn to add code or to define it , it took me more than a minute , why ? Do you try to make users stop sending code examples ?

When posting code, begin a line with 4 spaces in a row (or one tab), preceded by a blank line. 4+ spaces or tabs may not be used anywhere else.

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There ARE buttons. Look just above the edit box. Specifically, there are buttons labeled Code anx Inline Code.

Where are those Reverend Jim ? I only have "Preview" and a question mark ... (I can't even share an image of this screen)

What type of device are you using? The edit box looks like the following if you are using a laptop/notebook/desktop.


I think that jkon is using a smartphone, where there are only the preview and ? options showing. If I recall correctly it was felt that hardly anyone would be trying to input code on a smartphone, so keeping the editor/screen clutter free was more important.

I'm sure Dani will be along soon if that's not the case.

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This happened to me yesterday on an old pc.

Hi Davey,

Unfortunately, the Markdown editor that we use (and which our toolbar is attached to) is not mobile-friendly. Therefore, we are unable to include our toolbar on mobile devices because it simply would be extremely, extremely buggy and not work correctly.

Keeping the editor clutter-free on mobile is also important. Hehe.

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