I noticed there is donating feature and it tells that responses should be faster because responders will get message. But how will they be motivated to help me? Maybe they get money for it?

If not, I guess this could also be part of motivation, just need to know how to estimate when the answer is not very meassurable, for example how to increase a productivity.

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Here's the most recent news that I could find.


IOW, it's a donation and is appreciated.

-> To motivate folk to answer, the better the question the more motivation there is. There are long discussions about poor questions and issues about asking for code, so you know those …

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I'm not motivated by the rewards feature. I will answer a question if

  • The question is explained clearly
  • The OP has shown effort to answer it him/herself
  • I have the knowledge required to do so or the question is interesting enough for me to want to figure it out

Just joined the forum, and I am sure I am not gonna do this for money.

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