Recently i have been trying to write some code for a new web page i am making and i realized that my mouse was stolen... It takes me about 2 minutes to realize that my cat took it and treated it as an actual mouse.
So back to the point, do animals help you relax when you work or do they stress you?

For me it is: my cat stress's me but my dog relaxes me... so i am in between :)

Your opinions?

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I do have 2 dogs but living on the country side I don't actually have to keep them in my home so I guess they are not stressing me out at all.


At least you got dogs that like out doors... My Maltese and cat hate going outside without someone taking them out and playing with them... Unless i trick them :)

The good old toss the bone out the door trick always works... Not sure how to trick my cat though lol...


My cats take out all the stress from me as they are so cute. I never liked pets in the past, as I thought they were dumb. But, recently I bought 2 cats and I love them. This change in my nature happened after reading the online article - "The Glory of the Cat – adidarwinian". I am now a fan of the cats.

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