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The current page is here:

Sorry, but not sure whether wading through DW's history of BBCode is relevant to anybody. I gave up the will to live after the 100th paragraph of why Markdown and who did what to whom. Urgh.

Can't there just be a table?

HTML tag | Markdown | Example

or something similar?

Then just a simple, "No HTML tags, BBCode or any other Markdown will be parsed".

Sorry if I'm coming across like a grumpy old fart. Maybe it's because I am. :(

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I'm currently writing a Markdown powered CMS, which adheres to Commonmark. Their help page is quick, easy and to-the-point.

100th paragraph?

What are you looking at? I see a short page with a few simple examples.

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It was tongue in cheek RJ. I don.t see the need for all that waffle. Just put the examples in a table. Is it supposed to be a reference for using markdown with the editor or a deep and meaningful discussion? I know which one I.d want. If some of them don.t adhere to the usual markdowns just give a single sentence at the start or end saying some of them don.t.

I'm with Jim on this one. I like the conversational and friendly tone of the document (I didn't write it, before you ask) which gets the information across in a way that will be accessible to everyone. It's not that long, and it is to the point IMHO. Diafol, your grumpy old fart status is confirmed.

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a reference for using markdown with the editor or a deep and meaningful discussion

Somewhere between the two, methinks... :-)

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Diafol, your grumpy old fart status is confirmed.

I was hoping for that :)

Just thought it could do with a little streamlining. Any noobs checking it out would probably find an easy tabular ref. easy to navigate. As would I. Personally, I don't care about the differences nor the conversational / friendly tone. It's nice if you like that sort of thing.

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