Anybody here doing epublishing , i want to know what is epublishing and with few examples. How i can earn from that. plz explain.

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ePublishing is a fairly broad catch all, it seems to me, covering everything from blogging through to the sale of books in digital format (PDF for example.)

What did you have in mind, beyond the 'make some money out of this' premise?

Is there any sites where i can have much better information

Thank you

Google. Seriously.

you can make an ideea about e-publishing from this link (this is the only one with big relevance from wikipedia)
i don't know how much you are interested about this if you post after 5 months.
how to learn? i'm agree with happygeek. try to google it the word e-publishing tutorial

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the topic of my interest... thanks for the suggestions... i followed.... please do posting more stuff here for help thanks to all :)

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