To all in the last week or so who received a private message from me consisting only of the phrase, Noli Mentula, I sincerely apologize. In the previous incarnation of Daniweb, sending a private message was considerably different than in the new version. I had assumed that a message would not be sent unless/until I composed it, then clicked some equivalent of Send. You know. Like practically every other text messaging system ever invented. While trying to work through the new system with Dani I inadvertantly started conversations with several users.

To further explain noli mentula... It fall into the realm of fake latin phrases except this one is not quit as fake as some. It is an idiom which, in effect, translates as play nice. I consider it the most concise wording of the Golder Rule (do unto others...). In English it is commonly referred to as Wheaton's Law, after actor Wil Wheaton.

I have no problem with this. First I'll watch a little Austin Powers then off I go to find where this message is in my profile.

Let's hope it's clear where this is so I don't have to ask. The new DW seems to have a lot of "isn't it obvious" desings in it.

I'll top post when I get back about trying to find a member's posts. It feels clunky to say the least.

That was interesting. When I went to find that opening message the navigation here didn't help.

OK, I want to get to my profile. No such menu at the homepage.

What is this Control Panel? Oh, that's my user settings.
OK, where is that member greeting? Don't see it in each area of the user settings. Nope, it's on a page that you click on "Continue to step 2" or such.

The more you look around the more you find stuff like this. If this was an Alpha release we would go with it but I feel sorry for newbies that land at the home page right now.

I don't know where to look for it if I did get it; but if I got it, it wouldn't bother me, though I'd be quite perplexed trying to translate a fake phrase. I got as far as a comparison to "nolo tendere" before you told me what you meant. It reminds me of the time after my Latin first got rusty and I went 'round asking what "stultus" meant. Every time I got the answer "stupid," I would ask someone else. I had a similar experience the first time I heard "LOL." i think a person would have to be wound awfully tight to let this upset them (neuter singular pronoun).

You didn't get one. If you had, you would have seen a pop-up overlaying the Daniweb page. I'm not overly sensitive myself, but I grew up in a different era when most right-thinking people didn't go out of their way looking for things to take offense at. Given that, if I were to get a message out of the blue telling me "Noli mentula", I might assume (if I were able to correctly translate the idiom) that I had inadvertantly offended someone. Barring a successful translation I think I'd just be puzzled.

Should noli mentula not be noli mentula esse?

commented: Doh! Of course. +0

You are absolutely right. Correction noted for future reference.