Hey there,
I'm trying to find information on some problems with my pc and found this site.
But now I can't figure out how to post my question in the proper area! lol
Some of my desktop icons do not display correctly. I have Windows XP media centre edition, and run Norton internet securing 2006 - I know I know - heard it is crappy.
I tried running TrendMicros free housecall but it closes all by itself in the middle of the scan. I got an error message this morning from Microsoft update and had to disable automatic updates and do it manually from their website.
Sometimes my computer turns itself on after I have shut it down, so I have to unplug it from the wall to reset it. I figured all these weird things are signs of a virus, so I have been searching for a few hours for solutions or scans, but nothing seems to work!

Welcome to DaniWeb my friend, but this forum is not the place to ask those questions: at least not if you expect to get any answers. You have arrived in the introductions forum where we all say hello to new members.

Try asking your question in the Viruses, Spyware and other Nasties forum where I am sure you will be impressed not only by the level of help available but also the speed with which it is offered.

Good luck, hope you get sorted out quickly.

thanks....I have posted there...I didn't read the instructions until after I posted my question cause I was so frustrated! ;)