Hi, I am new to Daniweb and I need some help. I was on my desktop and i clicked on the arrange icons tab and accidently hit the hide icons button and all of my icons that were on my desktop are gone and I can not even right click to go back and hit show icons. Can anyone please help me thanks!!

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I think you should better post this in the appropiate tech talk forum if you want support. You might to want to give some extra info (OS and stuff).

And to welcome to the forum :p .


Hi Johhnymarz, welcome to DaniWeb.

This particular forum isn't for support questions, just to introduce yourself to the community here.

I can't point you at the right forum to post in as you don't mention which OS you are using. However, go to the Tech Talk forums and post again in the relevant forum for your OS and you should get all the help you need.

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