You can download Adobe Premiere Pro from its official website and you can download this as student. So you will get the discounts.

Hello Aditya, I appreciate that you are trying to help the students by providing them with knowledge about the discount adobe provides. I would also like to add some more websites that provide their subscription based services at a discounted rate for individuals who are still completing their studies:

Amazon Prime: If you are a student, you can enjoy Amazon Prime for free, for the first Six-months. You simply need to provide them with proof of Identity, and they will immediately provide you with a tremendous discount. Once the trial is over, you need to pay $ 6.49 per month or $59 if you take a subscription for the entire year.

Apple Music: It is not hidden from any individual that listening to music can greatly affect their productivity. However, the cost of subscription that the music app charge is another kind of stress. Luckily, Apple Music offers its subscription to students at half the price for 48 months. So, listen to music as much as you want, without draining your wallet.

Evernote: If you are in college, there’s no better app than Evernote to keep your life on track. The best part is students are not required to pay the heavy fees of $95 a year for their subscription. Instead, you can get it just for $ 47.5.

New York Times: You can get unlimited access to the New York Times official website just by paying half the normal price as a student.

YouTube Music: Although you could listen to YouTube music for free without a subscription too, the ads before every song could be annoying. To avoid the inconvenience, switch to their premium plan at just half the price by providing them with your college’s identity card.

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