I just came in and had a topic to discuss with other programmers ... I remembered DaniWeb because in the past I have received very clever answers in questions that most don't know that exist at all. And I hope I also helped others as well. But how difficult could be to arrive to "community central" ? . I still don't know the answer I can't select a topic and see all related threads , only drop down with things that are not related , the only action I can do in DaniWeb as it is , is posting ... and I do ....

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I’m sorry you’re having a difficult time navigating the site.

To find the latest topics to respond to, click “Read” in the top navigation menu, to the right of the search bar.

Alternatively, click the little hamburger menu (the three lines) to the left of our logo in the top navigation menu. Under the Social section is a link to our forums. Is that what you are looking for?

commented: Is there a way to reply other than "Comment" link, then "Vote with Comment"? +0

Is there a way to reply other than "Comment" link, then "Vote with Comment"?

Yes, just like this. Click on the "Reply to this topic" grey button right below the last post, or click on the purple bar at the bottom of the page.

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