Hi all,
I have set up an online store last month and now I am looking for an online marketing agency. Do you people know any good online marketing site, which will help me in increasing my sites traffic?
Any input would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

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do you need only traffic ???

you can use google adwords, or stumbleupon :)

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Hey smith23,

The advice mentioned above is some pretty good advice. Another thing you can do (if you're looking to take your site to the next level) is hire a professional SEO specialist. Hiring one is usually fairly inexpensive and WELL WORTH the cost if you get someone that knows what they are doing.

The website <snipped url> is a good starting place when looking for these SEO specialists. Most developers on My Software Project have porfolios of their previous work so you can see just how good their work is.


A professional SEO solution is best by far! However this isn't the solution most people can afford. If you have the time you can do some pretty decent SEO yourself. As far as driving traffic to your site, PPC advertising might be what your looking for.

I like free ad sites like craigslist!

First you need to look at your budget if you can afford agency..

Or if you want do it your self try the following:

1. search for websites or a niche that is your line of business, send a email to owner or webmaster and offer a free sample to test. Follow up and ask then to write a review of your
product or service. and let them send it to their email list.

2. Create a affiliate program , send it your email list if you have one...

3. Write some articles on you niche and submit to articles sites.

4. Their are many sites like adwords, yahoo, msn ect...

5. Sign up with some ezine sites , many of them sell ad space...

6. Create a blog and update 3 x week... for traffic

This should get you some traffic to start off with...

If you need traffic you can choose our link building service.
If interested do reply.

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