I'm wondering with all the experts out there,if soemone could help me with a search engine inquiry
I have a website https://kosherorganics2you.com/.I was using a serch engine from amazon canada for kosher,organics.Amazon has closed my account.
Would there be a general search engine for Canada for kosher,organics ?How would I create it?Would I be able to monetize this search engine with different affiliate connections, and all on the fly?

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I don’t understand your question at all. You want to create a search engine? What kind of search engine? One that searches for kosher food? I don’t understand why you posted a link to your website. How is that related?

One option is to use Google's Custom Search Engine tool, which allows you to create a search engine that's tailored specifically to your website. You can also monetize the search engine using Google AdSense, which allows you to earn revenue from ads displayed alongside the search results.

Another option is to use a third-party search engine tool, like Algolia or Swiftype, which offer more advanced search functionality and customization options. These tools typically require more technical expertise to set up, but they can be more powerful and flexible than Google's Custom Search Engine.

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