:cheesy: Hi everyone! :cheesy:

I'm currently studying web design (PHP, MySQL, XHTML, Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop, etc) and am planning on pursuing this interest as a career. I hope that I know enough to help out on this site by answering questions, not just asking them!

My previous studies include IT Client Support (basic computers in hardware and software), Desktop Publishing (basics in Photoshop CS, Illustrator CS, Quark Express) and Business Administration (a bit too boring for me!).

When I'm not on the internet I'm on the computer studying, and when I'm not there I'm either planning out another site idea or trying to fix a problem with another using pen and paper! *gasp*

Outside of computers and internet I like spending time outside... especially with the pet dog! If I'm not there there is a strong possibility that I am tending to my town Sunflowr (in Animal Crossing Wild World)... and yes it's true... I am addicted...

This is the first time I've been encouraged to introduce myself... it's such a great idea! I already feel like I belong here and can already see me spending hours here working out different problems... both mine and others.

Hope to solve your problem soon & hope you can help me some time!

- Sunflower

Hi welcome abroad! Hope you enjoy your stay here!
Hope to see you around.

Hi sunflower, glad you like the introductions idea. It was meant to help ease passage into the community, instead of leaving members having to jump straight in to the Q&A forums.

Here's hoping you find all the help you need, and do indeed stick around for many months, heck years, to come.

Welcome to DaniWeb.