I’m almost thirty and am about to embark on a career change. Before I commit to a degree program, I’d like to get your advice.

If you were me, what would you choose, Software Engineering, Information Security, or CS? Since I prefer programming, the easy answer would appear to be CS. But the nearet CS program isn’t close, and it’s more money than an online degree.

So what is your opinion of an online degree from a reputable school (Univ Phoenix, Colorado Tech, Westwood, etc.)? Is it a pitfall? Is on-site lab time really that important in these fields?

What are the chances of getting my foot in the door in the programming/software engineering field with an online degree in software engineering? Will all employers gloss over my resume because it’s not a CS degree?

I would really appreciate any advice or comments you’d be willing to offer. Thanks.

i also would like to hear some advice...

I'm interested in online Uni.

any help will be much appreciated

Software Engineering is quite necessary... but.. you need to know some operating systems like Linux, Windows,and friend, you need to know programming in atleast the commonly used languages like java, delphi, c, c++, VB, ... going deep into networks and linux may bring you a handful of jobs... since 60 per cent Linux is used than windows... and no doubt, networks networks networks' gonna rock

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