can anyone, tell me how to index all the web pages of my website to google search engine, if anyone searches to the google search engine, my webpages will appear.

i am using a forum so tell me, how to index all the webpages to the google search engine.

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Try to get as many Backlinks as possible, which means other pages that have a link to your forum. The higher your Pagerank is, the deeper Google will go "into" your site while indexing, as far as I know. With Pagerank 0, Google more or less scans the first two levels of your page.

If you have a good forum with interesting topics, popularity with Google will come by itself.


Please don't spread misinformation. Google has never published it's PageRank formula, nor explained how it relates to site indexing.

If you feel your site isn't being crawled "deeply" enough, you can use a Google tool called "SiteMap" which gives Google a detailed map of your site to make it easier for their bot to crawl/index your site.

It's true that the PR algorithm has never been published. But that doesnt mean that you cannot observe a changing behavior of Google while the PR of your site is increasing. And then write about it.


That's a popular hobby these days, but not relevant to the original poster's question.

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