I am not sure if i am in the right forum but i am totally flummoxed!
I made a site about 6 years ago www.plasticus.co.uk, hosted by the now extinct freeserve who became wanadoo, then orange. I uploaded via old style dial up. I now need to edit this site but cannot access it, i have tried asking Orange for the hostname etc but nothing i input into my latest version of Dreamweaver works. I am now on Blueyonder broadband.
The technology has changed to the point that i can no longer use common sense to find the answers.....
I need to access this site... It still exists so i must be able to get to it....
If i am in the wrong place to ask these questions could someone point me in the right direction before i become completely bogged down and forget to eat!!!!!!

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I had a quick look

It appears that your site is still hosted by freeserve however I'd assume that your freeserve(/wanadoo/orange) account is now closed; that is probably why you can't log in via FTP and therefore cannot update the pages.

A quick whois showed that you registered the domain with easily.co.uk. They will forward visits to your site to freeserve. My suggestion would be to try to log into easily (if you still have the details) or give their customer services a call. Change the forwarding settings to point to your blueyonder webspace and host the site there.

Hope this is some help.


Thanks for replying! this maybe the case although i have to reactivate my Freeservewanadooorange (!) account every 90 days as i still receive emails to my old email address (em@plasticus.freeserve.co.uk) so i presume its still working...but when i tried to log into orange they say i cancelled my account? (i didn't!)....How would i delete the old site though if i can't access it?
When i can get rid of the old one i will use the blueyonder webspace....I have tried to get the "settings" details from orange to type into dreamweaver but they just won't give me a decent reply or ANY help....I'm sure the answer to this is mindblowingly simple! But the orange hostname that i trawled through their site to find doesn't work either..would it be anything to do with being on broadband? if i were to use the old wanadoo dial up number would that work? or does it make no difference? (not that i can anyway!) Hope these ramblings make sense!


To be honest, I don't know how the webspace thing works on Freeserve; they may limit ftp (the thing dreamweaver uses to upload your pages) to people who actually dial up.

Do you still have your easily.co.uk account details?

I strongly suggest uploading your web pages to your current ISP's webspace and changing where easily redirects to, so it will point to your site on telewest instead.

This way, your old site would stay there but could only be accessed by typing http://plasticus.freeserve.co.uk and typing http://www.plasticus.co.uk would direct people to the new (telewest) version of your site.


Have you tried to FTP directly to your domain name?

I host on a shared virtual host (Linux) and until the DNS servers knew where my domain was, I had to use the server address e.g. server2.somesite.com/~myuser. However -- once the name servers knew where my domain was, as is the case with your domain, I was able to use an FTP client to access the files directly at my domain name.

I don't know the configurations for Dreamweaver, but have you tried accessing your site using a stand alone FTP client to see if you have access? It would seem your original PW ID combo would work if the site is still on the original server.

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