cyfm 0 Junior Poster in Training

If you read through the tutorials here you’ll quickly find useful information about Search Engine Optimisation, the right domain name and researching you target audience. All of these are very useful to read and I would recommend you to do so, however something that isn’t mentioned here is networking and ‘getting in’ with the pros. I’m talking about the successful community owners, podcasters, bloggers and everyone involved in your ‘genre’ of online communities.

Most of these people are very friendly and are always keen to give you a helping hand when it comes to giving advice from the best way to promoting your community to dealing with staff members.

The best way to meet these kind of people is join communities like Daniweb which have sections on running communities, coding and general tech stuff. If your ‘genre’ of online community is a little bit more niche then its best to go searching and spending a little time doing that will normally end with you finding a little gem.

Another useful way of meeting other people in your area of expertise is to use social networking sites such as my space etc, although you may not like these places it’s always good to have a presence on them, whether it be your own personal page or a business page also go actively hunting on these social networking sites for people with the same interests which your online community caters for and your sure to find people. I’d also recommend you join business networking sites such as Linkdin which allows you to network with a range of businesses from Microsoft and more, it also allows you to search for jobs or submit jobs which can be quite handy from time to time if your looking for a staff member with that special something.

The key issue here is never be afraid! If you get the msn address for say Bill Gates add him! Become friends and then you can start from their. I think it’s also good if you can form a personal relationship with these people so that they can trust you and vice-versa.

I hoped you enjoyed my first tutorial/article and if you ever need help with your online community please don’t hesitate to contact me.