Hi guys i downloaded the knoppix live cd and burned it and all went fine. except its in German...i cant read german. Is there an english version. Or another Live CD you recommend?


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Next time, download the one that has "en" in the filename, not "de". ;)

Lol, yea i relized that. But linux caused quite a scare for me ;) . I had to repair my master boot record :evil:.



Well, i decided to try again, using only a live CD, so there was nothing to install. That way the chance of messing up windows is slim (right?). Any ways, i am looking to get tthe knoppix live CD. main site located located here.


Correct me if im wrong. but this

http://www.artfiles.org/knoppix/KNOPPIX_V3.8.2-2005-05-05-EN.iso *Edit*: Or do i want the one farther done on the page?* The 4.x.x version and not hte 3.x.x

is the only thing i need to boot into it (like a live CD, no install nessecarry), right? And thats in english right? And there is no way i can mess up windows, right?

Sorry about all the questions but thjis is my first time with linux, and i dont want to mess up.

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