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let's see which editor is widely used:mrgreen:

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You forgot UltraEdit.

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yeah infact UltraEdit studio too, its gr8. now i understand why haven't u voted

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why am i not getting a good response, it's surely good for a person who is searching for a good editor. :)

I voted Dreamweaver, as I use it when I want a editor. I've also used Homesite and Frontpage in the past, but Dreamweaver is by far the best of the 3.

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yeah its really good but i like homesite more. its good if you coding

It has to be Dreamweaver. I simply can not stand Frontpage.

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DW is of course better than Frontpage but I prefer Homesite since I like coding rather than WYSIWYG. These editor sometimes generate unecessary codes.

i use vim

though still in beta, does Expressions Web Designer count? :)

i use editplus for html and xml stuff... for a while i used komodo.

at work i use dreamweaver O_o..

for the most part html suites i've used have all been the same just with live previews/code-context menus/etc. Most of the time I need to to test things on a server anyway, so offline testing isn't a big thing.

I like edit plus though! unlike dreamweaver it never tries to do things for you (usually incorrectly), it "colors in" CSS better.. and it's generally easy to reconfigure it to nicely display "new" xml tagsets. Oh yeah, and it's about 1/20th of the price (of Dreamweaver).

Dreamweaver's offline SSI emulation is a nice touch, although it's hellabasic..

(sic)what about Microsoft Word? :-)

I do all my work in the shell, heres what I use:
#1 emacs
#2 vim
#3 nano/pico

and sed,awk,tr for bulk editing.


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For quick editing and pages i use WeBuider or HomeSite+(shipped with dw). They'r nice.

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