Alright, csgal, heres your live saving problem of the day, why wont my The Sims 2 autorun or manually run, like Run >> D:/Run it always says I need to insert a disk into D:/ drive.

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Are you using Windows, or another Unix/Linux?

Er, that last post was me. Silly SP2 security...

windows xp home

Does any other CD autorun? You might have autostart disabled, either through setting or through system corruption.

I'll move this to the appropriate section as soon as the problem becomes evident.

Em, the Verizon Disc autorun that i have for my internet, but neither the game disc or dvd works, but really, i dont have a dvd drive, so the pc is really un-necessary for the dvd.

If you pop a data disk in the drive and wait a little bit, does the dialogue box pop up asking what you want to do, or explorer open up showing you a list of the disk contents?

If you pop a music CD in, does it pop up a dialogue box asking what you want to do or else the disk start playing music for you?

Should either or both of these conditions be the case, then you have system corruption and need to fix up your Windows installation.

If it's simply the Sims2 CD which won't work for you and everything else does, then you have one of two problems:

* The Sims CD itself is a dud or...
* Your CD drive is either a brand which has trouble with the Sims2 game's copy protection system or is faulty and in need of replacement.

I dont think its neither one, the game is fresh and brand new and the drive, 'em, not sure, I contacted EA, which should be getting back with me soon, thanx neway.

I also have The Sims 2 (DVD edition tho). It dosnt autorun with me too, but in the manual, it says it might not autorun by itself. I just go to run and enter e:/autorun or go to My Computer, right-click on the drive with the disc and click on autoplay. works fine for me that way.

Thats doesnt even work, I am getting so frustratewd, I am 10 seconds from breaking the stupid disc.

Even when I try and manually go into D:/ drive, it still shows no files, literally this game sucks really bad so far.

Could you please press the edit button on your previous post when you want to add another comment straight afterwards, instead of making mutliple consecutive posts? Forums do not operate in the same way as irc or other messaging services.

I know that, it was my fauly, apologies :embarassed:

The disc is reporting that there are absolutely no programs on the disc, a.k.a a BLANK DISC. Do I have to return it to the store or what?

Pop it in someone else's 'pooter, young fella, and see if it gets detected as a program disk there. If not, take it back. If it gets detected correctly, then you know it's your CD drive or your Windows installation, just as I said quite a while back ;)

Ugh, my life sucks. I feel like Donkey off of Shrek, and I quote "I needa hug :sad:" Anyway, I'll try it on my cousins PC tomorrow, if it doesnt work I'll take it back, how would I get it to work on mines if it works on his, maybe buy an External USB Connection DVD-Drive? I tell you what they should start doing, portable processor boosts, whenever your processor slows down, give it a boost with another external processor, :lol:

It doesn't work on my cousins either, and they simply reply back to me that "The Sims 2 is not compatible with my computer because it does not meet requirements of the T&L Video Card" so where am I supposed to get a T&L Video Card and connecting it might not be a problem. I need a whole new puter and I am so down right now :sad:

Any of the display cards which have been mentioned in your various 'upgrade' topics in the 'Hardware' section have T&L capabilities. In fact, anything more recent than an NVidia TNT card should have the feature. Your card must be very old indeed not to have it. The feature was introduced with the first GeForce cards.

'Em, I got my PC back in like 2001 or 2002, one of the years.

Alright, csgal, heres your live saving problem of the day, why wont my The Sims 2 autorun or manually run, like Run >> D:/Run it always says I need to insert a disk into D:/ drive.

I Have That Same Problem........Will somebody please help!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Have That Same Problem........Will somebody please help!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's not enough exclamation points to bring the posters back from 2004.

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