hi there everyone.
not much to report other than that i am doing computers for 2 years now(exactly) i am enjoying every minute of it.
i am a total Flash AS fan and want to learn much more about it. currently i'm vying for an IT degree. however, i am toying with the idea of taking a basic programming class coming semester. depending on my success i shall expand my degree to CS. in the same breath i must admit i am oh so struggling in my PHP class. who knows perhaps the base knowledge of prgramming will help me with grasping this PHP stuff. i am planning on retaking it next fall.
i love dogs. i own 42 of them. i used to mush but now just enjoy walking them all at once. fortunately where i live i can afford such luxury of freedom
anyway, enough gabbing. i am looking forwad to perusing this site. seems to me that there is a ton of information spread throughout this entire site.
thanks to everyone who is willing and able to share their knowledge.
rock on:D;)

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