Hello,everyone!I am very new to posting so please bear with me.
I had a notebook pc with all of our itunes music downloaded to it. No I did not back it up. My hard drive fried yesterday. How can I upload the music from my son's ipod and my ipad to our main computer? Alos is there any way we can get our downloaded music from itunes?

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Be very careful and DO NOT sync your computer to the iPod until you find a way to transfer your music or it WILL wipe your iPod. Do yourself a favor and authorize more than one computer so you can always have a backup. Things happen and you don't want all your great tunes to go away...far far away!

the i phone software allows you to transfer data from pc to iphone and from i phone to pc

If you have all you music on your idevice, just authorize your main computer in your iTunes name and sync the music from your device to iTunes. If you want to sync music from your device to ANY iTunes account buy pwntunes from cydia. Don't bother looking for a cracked version, there isn't one, it cost the price of buying one album but let's you get any music form any iTunes account..

hope this helps u..

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