I suppose one must have been of sufficient age in the 1980's to remember the 80's gaming scene. I was 10-years old in 1981.

What games do you remember from this era?(primarily I speak of arcade games as well as Atari game systems) What did you prefer and what did you absolutely obsess over?

  • I discovered Pac-Man which I was never good at (I'm stiil terrible at Pac-Man, LOL), then Ms. Pac-man. I obsessed over this game and remember riding my bike in a blizzard with one lone quarter to a little store just to play one time and lose within a minute or so.
  • Atari: I loved Atari and when my grandmother bought me one for Christmas (my parents refused to) I loved her even more. I got the game "Indiana Jones" and locked myself in my room for hours in search of a quest key to unlock something or other. Such terrible graphics and music! I recently got an emulator with this game and it sure brings back memories. Thanks grandma!

What is your fave(s)?

Arnold L.

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I was born in '81, so most of my gaming started in the 90's. However, there were a few games I played on the family commodore in the late 80's. The ubiquitous Pong and PacMan of course, but Wizards of War, some Gauntlet clone which I can't remember the name of, and most of Seirra's series (King's Quest et al, I wasn't allowed to play Leisure Suit Larry for some strange reason).

I know it is off topic, as the game is from the early 90's, but the first game which I played which I was truly addicted to was Day of the Tentacle.


Despite the fact I was born at the start of the 90's, my dad and uncle introduced me to the NES and Sega Master System during me youth.

Zaxxon 3D.

Now that was a game. I blowed biscuits at that one, but damn it brings back memories. The 3D glasses adapter had this built-in game or something, just you shooting at missiles and ships via the "3rd dimension," with a nasty black light gun.

The funny part about gaming with these older systems is how obsolence reminds you how far we've progressed. I mean, on the side of the NES are two RCA ports: mono audio, and a yellow video adapter. At the time that thing was built, RCA was for the wealthy xD

On a side note, anyone know what the hell was going on with the NES's underside? Looks like a network pinny adapter thing. Similar to the Gamecube's underside ports.

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