I have always wanted to write s/w!!

I have awesome ideas but not the knowing how to do it!!!

What Proggy would i need to put my ideas into a script??

For example i have a program that restores deleted files,securly deletes all deleted sectors,etc..... I'd like to be able to modify the script and have it do more (Delete 1 file permantly instead of the whole drive (takes 13 hrs))

Anyone know of any good proggys for this??


first you need to know what programming language was it written in and for what operating system -- assembly, C, C++, BASIC, VB, pearl, pascal, or any one of hundreds of others. If you don't know, then please post some of the code and someone may recognize the language.

Thank you my friend :)

Its this program here (Rest3213) The BEST deletion/recovery tool ever :)

If they had only put that feature into it,it would rock!!! (I dont think you can highlight 1 or 2 files and just securely delete them or not...I have tried tohugh to highlight 1 or 2 and just do those..)

Ah well :)