This is a simple one... just the basic tut ...... any ideas.... that could help make this one better ...

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This is a simple one... just the basic tut ...... any ideas.... that could help make this one better ...

Proper indentation and alignment of the braces would help for a start.

"C++ is a general-purpose, high-level programming language with low-level facilities. It is a statically-typed free-form multi-paradigm language supporting procedural programming, data abstraction, object-oriented programming, and generic programming. Since the 1990s, C++ has been one of the most popular commercial programming languages." (taken from wikipedia

For someone who knows nothing about programming, or "or just a random person reading a random article online.", that paragraph is totally meaningless and the reader will probably stop reading right there.

Well I have fixed the indentation part... I hope that I got it right this time.... with time I am planing on getting a good list of tutorials written..... and in the same time I want to learn the language.... :)

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>I have fixed the indentation part

Still looks bad to me.

>I have fixed the indentation part

Still looks bad to me.

it would be helpfull if you can show me how they should work... thanks in advance...

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If you don't know how they are supposed to look I have to question why you are even writing a tutorial.

If you don't know how they are supposed to look I have to question why you are even writing a tutorial.

I dono about you , but i learn as I go.... this is how my mind works... I am learning the language... and everything I learn I try to document that way i wont forget it.. and hopefully someone will find it usefull .....

I have read some articles about how code should look like.. and I wrote the code as they said it should look like... if you have another idea about that it would be helpfull if you can illustrate it...

I like the fomat of tutorials of this site, maybe this should help as a guideline for you.

Also just wanted to let you know that your site takes a bit too long to load. Maybe its jsut my computer or something but just wanted to let you know ....

Hope it helped, bye.

thanks for the pointer... :)

I think it should be ok right now.... I would be grateful if some one can point to the exact problem(s)

as for the speed of the site... I guess the server is under some load.... it is hosted on a free account... I guess they oversell :)

PS: I cannot afford hosting... that is why I got the ads... I am hopping I can make some cash from this site in the next couple of month to be to buy some decent hosting package for a year or maybe 2....

One writes a tutorial to teach others how to do something. If you don't know how to do it either you should not be writing a tutorial about it. Why don't you hold off writing the tutorial for a year or so until you have some experience under your belt. The web is littered with bad tutorials and you don't want to just add yours to that list.

In my opinion, there are far too many "learn C++" tutorials out there on the web. If you're going to write your own, they had better be top-notch, professional quality, or else there's no point in posting them. has some of the best programming tutorials on the web, and everyone goes there. If someone is going to your site, they should be better than Cprogramming's, which is a tall order.

I too tried writing C++ tutorials, and although I know enough C++ to write my own programs and am quite comfortable at it, there's far more to a good tutorial then meets the eye, and eventually I gave up after realizing this, and also realizing the fact that I'm not a C++ expert.

Also, you say you "learn as you go". So this means that although you've just barely learned this, you're trying to teach someone else. How is this going to help when you make mistakes?

i know I dont have the BEST SITE out there.... I know that it is not a TOP of the line tut... but it is a tut.. and I did help me get started... as for mistakes that is why I ask others to review them... to make sure everything is ok :)

Actually too many minor things, but I will point out some to you...

using namespace std;
This adds the standard library of C++ commands

Very crude and almost incorrect defination. Namespaces are basically used to resolve name collisions. You can look here for what it actually is.

This line initializes a function called "main" this is your core function all programs need to have this function.

"Initialize you say" ;)
This stmt will cause many developers to go into spasms.

cout is the command that tells your program to output something

Actually its much more complicated than that...
Better use the word functions than commands.
Using vague words like "something" doesnt cut ice.

and the endl tells the program to end a line you can use "\n" to get the same effect.

endl actually causes the effect of using '\n' along with "flushing the output buffer.

endl => putchar( '\n' ) + fflush( stdout )

And many more...

Now to the main would be better if instead of correcting the mistakes, you just start learning the itsy bitsy details of the language and then write tutorials. Instead of asking us what the problems are and then correcting them, why not rise to a level where you would be in no need of counsellling as such.

Think of it this writing wrong things you are actually "misguiding" newbies that come to your site and those who expect the matter present their as bible. Surely "misguiding" was not what you intended to do, right ?

Hope you understand the point we all are trying to prove...

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