Hi, people
I am going to go to Italy, but can't decide where exactly
Can you advise me something ?
Has anybody been to that country? what are your impression?
Will be grateful for your help

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You should check out Venice, that is, if you enjoy a causal game of water-polo on the public property. (St Mark square in the morning hours)

Been there. All of the prices are jacked up and it smells like sewage.


When I visited Italy, I began with an overnight train ride from France into Italy. I must say, the trainride itself was quiite nice.

When in the country itself, I only saw Rome. As sad as I am to say it, it felt dirty all over the place, with graffiti rampart.

Nevertheless, I thought it was worth seeing Vatican City and other historical buildings in Rome.


i didnt like italy

personally my favourite country was belgium. The people were nice and it was the land of waffles, beer, chocolate and history, some of my most favourite things (i actually went on a weeeks trip around all the battlefields of WW1 (we went into france too) and we stayed in a youth hostel)

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