I prefer delphi for real programming... and I like this forum plenty... it covers so much... but it doesn't have a Delphi section:sad:

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i have never realy looked into delphi. is it a good language for application building.

i have never realy looked into delphi. is it a good language for application building.

Well, it is at LEAST as good as Visual Basic... Visual Basic can run DLLs, Delphi can both run DLLs AND create DLLs.

These forums cover sooooooooo much already, from application programming to web programming to web development to website promotion and SEO to tech support in windows, mac, and linux, to networking. It's nearly, absolutely impossible for us to cover absolutely everything computer related and every computer programming language available. (And there are lots of them!)

As far as application programming goes, we cover the big ones - C, C++, Java, Basic, and VB. We also have a Computer Science forum where you can discuss algorithms that are generic to all languages. Plus there is an "Other Languages" forum available for any less-popular languages.

Take a look at our ColdFusion forum, for example. Not very many posts, eh? That's because CF is not nearly as popular as a language such as PHP, for example. New forums are created as they are needed. If I start to see lots and lots of new threads and posts related to Delphi in the Other Languages forum, then a Delphi forum will be created out of demand. :)

Yes, unfortunately ColdFusion does not seem to be popular in this community. I'm very disappointed because it's my favorite web language! Doh! Anyways, as far as a Delphi forum, I actually think it could get more posts than ColdFusion. The language Delphi/Pascal has been around longer and has a greater community. Not compared to the other ones we have though. I think if we see more of a demand, then yes, Dani should create the forum.

yeah it is pretty hard to cover all the programming languages out there. there is jst so many of them.

i think i mite have to do some looking into delphi/pascal some and see what i can figure out on it ;)

Another factor to take into consideration is the continuously expanding forum index. At this rate, in a month it will take 10 years to scroll down the page. Something I will seriously consider, however, is adding a selection of the less popular languages as a subforum of the "Other Languages" forum. This way, the forum index will have the few most popular forums, along with an Other Languages forum. Clicking on the Other Languages forum will present a list of other less popular forums. This would be similar to the way the .NET Forums currently have subforums such as ASP.NET, C#, etc.

Also, please note this isn't something that will be a reality in the near future. However, should the forums continue to grow, and should the Other Languages forum become more popular, this idea will definitely be implemented.

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